Who We Are



Will they strut and fret their hour upon the stage and be heard no more?

Sound and Fury combines music, theatre, dance, spoken word and song, in a late-night melting pot of sights and sounds. Experience performance art in a spectacular party format - direct from Canberra, Australia.

The now infamous performance art party started at Art, Not Apart, a trailblazing festival held annually in Canberra. Entering its eighth year in 2018, the festival presents over 200 artists across stages, cinema, galleries, streets and gardens. Sound and Fury was an afterparty for the darker arts - now it’s a wild mix.

The party flaunts and fuses a stand-out ensemble of Canberra artists, regularly joined by guest performers. Director Chenoeh Miller has received critical acclaim for many works in Australia and Edinburgh Fringe and directs the performance programs of multiple festivals in Canberra though her company, Little Dove Theatre Art. Her works tremble with an intense, often uplifting humanity.

Party-goers can expect a non-traditional venue with high-quality production, intimate artistic direction and a seamless flow of exceptional performance artists. Unlike your standard ‘sit-down and shut-up’ show, feel free to move around, drain the bar and become part of the magic.

Bring your dancing shoes.